High-Phenolic Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Super Premium Organic Extra Virgin

High Phenolic Olive Oil

High-Phenolic organic Olive Oil ManOlio

In Greece when we refer to oil we mean olive oil. For thousands of years, olive oil has been the main ingredient of the so-called “Mediterranean diet” and has proven to be superior and unparalleled nutritional value making it famous worldwide.

The unique value of olives is reflected in the ancient Greek cultural tradition with great intensity from the wreath of the Olympians, the symbol of the city of Athens.

This unique Mediterranean tree became a transcendent reality characterizing the noblest ideas the Greek cultural tradition has carried down during the centuries.

Thus the olive tree and olive oil have been associated with the Greek legacy. That’s why respecting the tree and the olive fruit has been imprinted in the Greek olive oil producers subconscious and has become an intrinsic characteristic.

Respecting the valuable olive tree we produce ManOlio, High-Phenolic organic extra virgin olive oil from the most tasteful Greek varieties Koroneiki and Tsounati. The oil fruit is collected with undivided attention and respect to its integrity late autumn, as to maintain its unique characteristics: deep amber-green colour, intense fruit aromas and concise, compact and strong flavour.

greek olive oil

ManOlio ideally accompanies every culinary delight and it is an ideal base for perfumed oil creations.

ManOlio is a great and yet so affordable luxury.

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